Acupuncture with Dr. Shannon DiCarlo L.AC., DAOM

Dr. Shannon DiCarlo has long believed that true wellness comes from a healing-based approach to healthcare. She worked many years as a registered nurse after earning her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Scranton. Dr. DiCarlo went on to earn her doctoral degree from Pacific College of Health and Science in New York, NY to pursue a career in Integrative Medicine.

Utilizing her extensive experience in both Western and Alternative Medicine, Dr. DiCarlo provides her patients a natural approach to their health issues. Acute and chronic pain, digestive issues, cancer, chronic disease, and conditions related to emotional and psychological health are some of the areas Dr. DiCarlo can help you to make improvements in your health.

Dr. DiCarlo’s unique approach draws from her in-depth knowledge of Western Medicine, utilizing the theories and modalities of alternative healthcare such as acupuncture, gua sha, and herbal formula prescriptions to naturally address your healthcare concerns while restoring your body to optimal wellness.



Monday: 9:00am - 12:00pm
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Physical Therapy

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Weekend: Closed
Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture
EPAT, A.R.T., Laser Therapy

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